January 15, 2012

Color Club - Worth The Risque

I have some Color Club holo's and wanted to swatch those for you. Today I have Worth The Risque. When I didn't have this one yet and saw swatches I had to have it. Well, I have it, but mine isn't holographic :(

When you just see the bottle you see there is no holo in it, which was kinda disappointing. But I have to say I still find it kind of a nice polish. It's silver with like white and grey glitters, I guess?

On some of these pictures you might be able to spot a little bit of holo, but that's just because of the flash of my camera.

If you have Worth The Risque, is your version holographic or not? On my old blog I was able to capture how holographic my bottle of Fashion Addict is and someone said that hers wasn't as holographic. Could it be there are different versions of some polishes?

Color Club - Fashion Addict!

xoxo Ingie