January 11, 2012

Wet 'n Wild - Back Alley Deals (is a fail) + Naked Nails

As soon as I applied this polish I knew something wasn't right. It dried really fast and kinda matte. I was expecting that it would chip while at work, but worse happened...

I got Back Alley Deals together with the 7 other polishes from the Ice Baby collection in a swap. They all look pretty good, except the bar glitter polishes. I don't like that kind of glitter. Back Alley Deals has purple micro glitters mixed with pink larger glitters in a clear base.

The application was pretty much horrible! The brush had 1 hair sticking out really far and 2 sticking out a little, but those were still annoying with applying. I applied 2 coats, but because of the brush it was pretty much impossible to paint the sides of my nails.
I added 1 coat of Seché Vite topcoat, but should have gone with 2 coats.

The manicure survived the night. I went to work, I waited for my colleague, we went inside and I noticed I missed the whole piece of polish on 2 of my nails. During my lunch break I only had the polish on my thumbs and I expected it to survive, but it didn't. All the nail polish was gone!

I don't know if I'm even going to try to wear the other polishes from the Ice Baby collection. After one use the bottle is like 1/4 empty...
So that last picture is what my nails look like at the moment. The nail on my middle finger broke and the nail on my ring finger just ripped I guess. I feel like when I'm not wearing polish my nails just die easier.

Do you have the Ice Baby collection and did this happen to you too? I doubt it was my basecoat, because I always use that one and love it!
xoxo Ingie