January 16, 2012

Color Club - Revvvolution

After my swatch of Worth The Risque (no holo :( ) I wanted to go for a Color Club polish that IS holographic. I still don't know if there are 'failed' bottles from some polishes, but it's not the worst thing on this world, right?

Revvvolution is not like rainbow holographic, but more orange/yellow, green, blue. Maybe it just looks like that because the polish is black. Nevertheless the holo is very visible in real life and it's just gorgeous!

I'm not sure yet if I'm posting everyday the upcoming days, because I have to work from like 8 to 7, so I'm probably dead by the end of the day :P

Also, I wanted to know if I should do my posts in 2 languages (English and Dutch) I'm not sure myself yet, but please fill in my survey on the side :)

xoxo Ingie