January 24, 2012

BeYu - Brilliant Shiraz

A new way of showing my swatches? The Ivana Thinks Pink way :P It kinda happened by accident, but I like this way better, because my nails look less sad.

Anyway, I got my Unicorn Pee's long lost sister! Unicorn Pee = Clarins 230 :) I never really go shopping, because I get in a bad mood, but a few weeks ago I went lunching with a friend and I dragged her into Douglas. But my Douglas didn't sell BeYu polishes. Months ago I started stalking the site, seeing if they had BeYu 209, but I gave up. Last week I got a late birthday present from work; a €30,00 gift card for Douglas and thank the lord I could spend it online. Not thinking it would happen I checked it they had BeYu 209 and they had it! :O I ordered 2 bottles and those were also the last :P

I don't know who came up with it, but this polish looks amazing over a blue polish. On it's own it looks kinda fugly in my opinion. There's hardly a way for me to describe this polish. In the bottle it looks shimmery orange/brown. When you open it, it's kinda pink. Depending on the lighting it's green, blue and yellow. And on the nails, over a blue, it just looks amazing! Let the pictures speak...

I did my nails a few hours before I went to bed. When I woke up it was all looking good, but after my shower this is what I saw! I decided to fix it, but later it started to peel off really weird.

Like this! Some chips came in my nails and all this happened in like 10 minutes. I fixed my nails, went to work, came at work, took my gloves off, on both my hands there was a nail just naked. And during work it started to chip and just fly off like crazy! In my lunch break I bought a bottle of nail polish remover and decided to take off those last sad pieces.

There could be 2 reasons why this happened;

  1. New base-/topcoat. Sally Hansen's No More Breaks. Usually I would pay € 9,00 for it, but got it for € 0,50. Why not try?
  2. I wore these fake nails last week. Could be the glue?
So I'm going naked a while.

This last picture is the blue polish I wore under BeYu 209. Hema Nailpolish 08. Nail polish isn't 1 word, right? Because the bottle says Nailpolish, but my spell check says it's nail polish :P

Great that you made it to the end of this post! I said I have 2 bottles of BeYu 209 and as soon as I hit 150 followers I'm doing a giveaway including one of those bottles :)

Thanks for reading!

xoxo Ingie

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