January 13, 2012

Shoplog: Bought Past Week :)

When putting all the stuff together I was kinda speechless... I bought so much this week! Working at a drugstore is a kill for my wallet...

Where I work we now have a sale going on. Some things have to make place for new products. Two weeks ago the sale started with 30% off on everything with a pink sticker. This week everything with a pink sticker is 50% off. Next week only the clothing with a pink sticker is 75% off. So in case you live in Holland and there is a Trekpleister/Kruidvat near you, you now know ;p

- 2 x Herôme S.O.S. Handgel
Was: € 4,99
Now: € 1,50
Saved: € 6,98

- 2 x Avril Lavigne Black Star eau de parfum 30ml
Was: € 25,00
Now: € 5,00
Saved: € 40,00

- Hugo Boss Deep Red eau de parfum 30ml
Was: € 34,95
Now: € 7,25
Saved: € 27,70

I think the Photo Finish Foundation and the Skin Finish weren't bought the past week, but I didn't pay full price anyway.

- Catrice Bohemia Definition Bronzer (I don't even wear bronzer........)
Was: € 3,99
Now: € 1,00
Saved: € 2,99

- Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer - Plum Play With Me
Was: € 2,49
Now: € 1,25
Saved: € 1,24

- Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer - Purplelized
Was: € 2,49
Now: € 1,25
Saved: € 1,24

- Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer - I Wear My Sunglasses At Night
Was: € 2,49
Now: € 1,25
Saved: € 1,24

I already have those last 2, but since they're leaving the collection I felt like I needed them :P

2x Cotton pads, 2x nail polish remover with aceton, 2x Dove GoFresh Energizing Grapefruit & Lemongrass Scent

These products weren't on sale, except for the Dove deodorants. All Dove products were 50% off 1 day last week, so I bought 2. I don't remember the price though.

Masks! I never really take the time for this, but since they were so cheap I had to buy it off course :P

- 3 x Dr. van der Hoog masks
Was: € 2,05
Now: € 0,50
Saved: € 4,65

- Dr. van der Hoog Hydro Mud(?) Mask
Was: € 1,79
Now: € 0,38
Saved: € 1,41

2 Pillowcases, Mentos Breeze chewing gum, post-its, Therme shower cream

This stuff wasn't on sale, but I needed some of it. Especially the Therme Zen White Lotus Bath & Shower. I. am. in. love with the Zen White Lotus stuff from Therme. The pack of gum is empty by the way :P

And a pillow. I actually bought 1 of these last week as well when it was 30% off. They once were € 15,00 and now I payed for 1 € 7,00 and for the other one € 5,00. I'm going to clean my room, take a long shower, use a mask and chill on my new pillows :P

So, like I said; working at a drugstore is a kill for my wallet. I know for sure that when I wouldn't work here, I wouldn't even go out to buy it. I probably wouldn't even know about the sale! So yeah, I've spend way too much money on things I probably don't really need.

Do you do that too? Buy something, because you might need it sometime? :P Let me know! Oh, and I hope you like a shoplog thing. My nails are chopped down now (I still blame Back Alley Deals!) so I can't really show my nails at the moment xD Sorry for the long post! I hope I don't bored you :P

xoxo Ingie