January 14, 2012

Pink Ombre Nails + Graffiti Nail Art

Okay, I know 99,9% of the people is totally over crackle polish. I belong to that 0,1% that still tolerates it :P I'm not into the black and white crackles, but I really wanted to check out the Golden Rose Graffiti Nail Art crackles. A few weeks ago I ordered 2 and this is one of them. It's number 10.

A few days ago I showed you my Pink Ombre Nails and when I wanted to refresh my manicure for the next day I thought it was time to finally try out the crackles.
Number 10 is a shimmery pink crackle polish. When you apply it on your nails it starts crackling pretty fast with gaps not to small or too big. It dries matte, which looks really ugly. When you apply the topcoat the shimmer starts sparkling and looking pretty :P

Thanks for reading!

P.S. Comments are highly appreciated. They're motivating me to show more on here. I know my nails aren't perfect, but still :)

xoxo Ingie