January 05, 2012

Personal: Acrylic Nails

Since the pictures of what I wanted to post turned out to be a fail I decided to tell you a little bit about my experience with acrylic nails. I just made it in a 'personal' thing, because it's not a review or anything, but just how I experienced them.

I am a total noob when it comes to fake nails, but I have heard so many stories about acrylics being a kill for your nails. The opportunity to get these done came along and I decided to just do it. A friend of a girl that does her internship at my work placed them for me.

First thing I noticed was that she didn't clean my nails and didn't shorten my own nails. I always thought that was necessary for some reason. When placing the tips, she didn't really try different tips, but just a few. Some of them turned out to be a little to small. She asked how long I want them and I didn't want them too long, just a little over the tip of my finger. She clipped off the access tips and started filing which seemed to be forever! She could have just clipped them off a little bit more and start filing from there...

The tip on my left index finger was already deformed when she put it on my nail and even though she saw it, she didn't put on another tip. I didn't know it would be that visible! She went over my nails with the acrylic powder and she did that slowly and careful. Maybe because her son was finally in bed :P After all that she put on a shiny layer of something (I have no idea what, maybe a top coat) and it wasn't really fast drying. We had to go home immediately, because it was raining, it was late and I had to go to work the next day. I said it wasn't dry yet and she said that it would dry when driving home on my scooter. There was no way I wasn't going to wear my (hairy) gloves, it was too cold.

When I came home and took off the gloves, my nails were so hairy! I went over with a nail polish remover and just put on some nail polish. The next day I really noticed how deformed the nails were! They looked like paddle nails and they were all bumpy...

At work I noticed the thickness off the nails. I couldn't take stickers off of products and I could just feel the whole fakeness :P At home I found a Essence 6 way nail file and I used the rough side of it to make the nails more even and make them less thick.

I'm happy I had the experience now with acrylics. I wouldn't do it again, never. Nail polish doesn't look as good on them and when they are so thick everybody can see they're fake. Yesterday I finally got the last on off from my finger and I only have a few tiny pieces of acrylic left on some nails, but my nails are doing fine, thank God! They're a little dry from the acetone, but Trind's Nail Repair is already doing a great job :)

Have you ever gotten acrylics? And what was your experience with them? Please let me know :)

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Thank you for reading and I'm sorry if I made any weird sentences. English is not my first language :P

xoxo Ingie