February 17, 2012

Day 17: Glitter

I love glitter! For today's tiny challenge I noticed I don't have that many glitter polishes. Most actually look a lot alike. But then I noticed this China Glaze that I actually never showed.

This is Carnival Lights from China Glaze's Specialty Collection. It's a bit of a jelly pink base and it's full of holographic glitter. It also has tiny pink glitters, but that's not really visible in the pictures. I don't recommend anybody to wear this one on it's own. You would probably need 5 coats or more and it will not dry! I'm wearing Carnival Lights over Catrice's Welcome To Rosywood.

Even though the nail on my ringfinger ripped off yesterday. Most of it is just the side of the nail missing. So I edited my pics in this way, so it doesn't look to weird for me :P

Do you have a favorite glitter polish? If so, let me know! :)

Thanks for reading!

xoxo Ingie
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