September 30, 2012

Swatch || Ozotic 509

A few days ago I got my first Ozotics and Kleancolors :) This is the first Ozotic I'm going to show you.

Ozotic 509 is a silver holographic and a little bit on the thick side. I was hoping this would be a nice topcoat as well, but it's a bit 'meh' for that. I couldn't really get one even thin stroke over another color.

With the first layer I thought I would need like 3 or maybe even 4 coats, but I only needed two. For this swatch I didn't wear a base and topcoat, because I was too excited to try this one out :P

Looking at the pictures of Glitter Gal Silver they don't really look that similar, but I wore that one over a pink polish. Maybe I'll compare the 2 someday.

I ordered Ozotic 509 from and I bought it for € 11,00.

Thank you for reading!
xoxo Ingie

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