February 29, 2012

Day 22: Inspired By A Song

I've been thinking so much of what song I should be inspired by. I listen to so much music, but I couldn't pick anything where I though I could make something with. I decided to watch video clips instead and I got inspired!

I doubt you can tell what video I choose, but I picked Jessie J's Domino. The video is really nice and I saw some things that I wanted to do something with.

This picture is inspired from the part where Jessie sits on this zebra print chair and she wears this gorgeous butterfly mask!

My index finger is inspired by a jacket she wears in the video. It's a blue and green gradient with leopard print and something printed in yellow. I decided to just put the yellow with the gradient as well.

My middle finger is from where she wears this pink suit kind of thing full with with things. I don't know what they were, so I just stamped clouds on my nail :P

My ring finger is inspired by the wall where she dances in a white 'I-don't-know-what-to-call-it'. The wall is actually greenish, but I already had a green nail.

My pink is inspired by the very beginning. Also the wall, with these circles in circles going in circles ;p

Overall I'm kind of proud of my little creation. Especially because I'm not that creative :P I hope you like it too! :)

Thanks for reading!

xoxo Ingie
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