May 08, 2012

Glitter Gal - Silver

I feel like saying 'yo', so here I go; Yo! How are you doing today? I'm exhausted and I feel like it's Thursday... How can a day feel like a specific day?

Anyway, as you can see no Catrice today :O I made a few swatches the other day and only had one left to post today. I kept thinking; Which one is this? And then I realized it was Pool Party At Night... xD

So here is Glitter Gal Silver. Not really a great name, but it IS such an amazing polish! It's the most holographic thing I've ever seen. When deciding on which Glitter Gal I would get I decided to go for this one, because I thought it might work as a nice holographic topcoat. It's not a nice topcoat. It's to streaky to add a coat over a polish and when you apply 2 coats you don't see the polish color anymore.

On the pictures I added 2 coats of Silver over 2 coats of Something Sweet from China Glaze.

My mom really likes this one too and she wants me to order a bottle for her too. I bought it at for € 8,96 which was with a 25% discount. Usually they're € 11,95, which is pretty expensive, but I think it's really worth it :)

Thanks for reading :)

xoxo Ingie

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