May 21, 2012

Instagram Pictures #3 & #4

I didn't post it the other week, so I put 2 weeks together. I'm sorry for the lack of posts again. I'm making long days at work and then I don't even bother getting on my laptop. Also, yesterday 1 of my dogs died. 3 days ago I post a picture on Instagram saying I thought he might die soon and yesterday he did die :(

Rimmel London Misty Jade. A gorgeous jelly!

This is from 2 weeks ago. I had to go to the hospital and parked my scooter somewhere where you can't do that. I parked it next to a pole covered in stickers saying when you park your bike wrong it means your bike is gone. I didn't notice that sticker until I came back. So this sticker is a warning!

A jelly sandwich. I started with a blue and pink gradient, but that failed! I decided to experiment and added a glitter from Essence and a pink jelly from Nubar. I forgot the name, but it's from the Jellybeans collection.

A day old manicure... Chips, chips, chips!

A friend of my mom visited us and took her dog with her. Isn't he cute? I didn't know that friend and to be honest she was kinda weird...

 R.I.P. Binky :(

My first iPhone case! I love it!

My cat tried to eat the decoration of the Mothersday gift I bought. While posting this picture on Instagram she almost choked on a piece...

Rimmel is discontinuing a lot of products. So yeah, I had to sort it all and it took me 2 days to find everything!

I never posted a picture of this cat, so here she is!

Planned to make a gradient with these two and I did, but it looked awful! So I made belows manicure with them.

Neon pink gradient with stars! Loved it!

Blogger didn't upload the pictures in the order I wanted them too, so here are some pics that are supposed to be somewhere else in this post :)

I posted this picture 3 days ago with this caption; I really think he's going to die soon :( He's so sick and swollen and sad. He can't pee and sleep anymore. Walking is hard for him too. I hope he does get better.

I think he was just so exhausted. I came home yesterday and my mom wanted to go walk with them and he didn't come. He was under my moms desk, his favorite place, and I saw he wasn't breathing anymore. His eyes were open and his tongue was hanging out and it was all purple. He was still alive right before I came home, because he stole a pancake from my brother.

A few years ago another dog of ours died too, but he was twice as old as this one. Our other dog is all happy now for some reason... It may sound weird, but she never liked Binky.

This was all for this week. Thanks for reading! :)

xoxo Ingie

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