May 06, 2012

Instagram Pictures #2

Since I have more pictures than last week you can see more of the pictures after the jump :)

Above my cat Spot again and below Essie Tart Deco. I wore it for Queensday :)

Later I wore Color Club Wham! Pow! over it and it is a beautiful orange neon!

Playing GTA in my brother's room. I don't even play it for the challenges, but just for the joy riding, violence, police chasings and helicopter flights xD

White nails before making gradient nails.

Super dry hands at work! D: That's just horror. I hate the feeling of it!

Another night, another cat :P It's for the Photo A May Day challenge on instagram. Day 1: Peace. Getting ready for sleep.

First day of the Catrice Month. Miss Piggy Reloaded.

Ordered food! I had fries, chicken nuggets and a vanilla milkshake. The milkshake tasted the best!

Day 2 of the challenge, skyline.

For the Queensday Nails I posted I made a gradient, but in my post the colors weren't that accurate. Here they aren't that accurate either, but they look better ;p

Glitter Gal Silver! So beautiful, but it shrinks :(

Cast Away was on tv, one of my favorite movies!

Gradient nails I never posted here.

My bunny just chilling on the living room floor.

Fairy Dust makes everything better!

Also for Photo A May Day, something I wore that day.

On Friday night I like to play around with eyeshadow. I'm weird like that xD

Got these Catrice LE eye pallets for PolishAmor :)

Photo A Day May; bird ;p

I hope you liked this week's Instagram pictures!

xoxo Ingie

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