December 28, 2011

Top 5 Of 2011: 4. China Glaze - Something Sweet

Today I have number 4 of my top 5 polishes of 2011. This is China Glaze's Something Sweet. I picked this one, because it's one of my first China Glaze polishes and I wore it a lot this year.

Something Sweet is a pale pink creme polish. I think this color can go with almost everything! I applied it a bit messy, because I got acrylics last week and the girl who did it, didn't do a good job. I filed the top a lot already to get them more even, but they're still not that even. I can't wait to get these things off! :P

Because I wore Something Sweet today I wanted to apply some glitter to make it a bit more exciting. I picked a glitter I never used before, but I'm totally in love with it now! It's ELF's Twinkle.

To me Twinkle is different than other glitters. It's not holograpfic, but it doesn't just have one color of glitter. It  has orange (sometimes yellow) and blue (sometimes green) glitters in it. What I really liked was that it dried pretty fast. Right after I did my nails I kept bumping into things, because my Seché Vite is pretty much almost empty. I did have to put on a top coat, because otherwise it would look a bit washed out.

So what is number 4 on your top 'x' of this year? Let me know! :)

Thanks for reading!

xoxo Ingie