May 03, 2012

Catrice Month: Pool Party At Night

Welcome to day 3! This is Pool Party At Night. A B-E-A-utiful blue. I find that on the picture it looks like it has a hint of purple in it, but I don't find that it has that hint in real life too.

I don't think Catrice came out with a lot of blue polishes ever since I started hoarding them :P Just like Dirty Berry it applied so well and 2 coats was enough. You can get away with 1 thicker coat though, but I always prefer 2 thinner coats.

I didn't use a base- and topcoat for this swatch.

Are there any Catrice polishes that you want to see swatched here? If I have it, I'd love to swatch it!

Thanks for reading :)

xoxo Ingie

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