June 19, 2012

Metallic Zebra Nails

You might think; I've seen these before. And I was thinking the same when I did these! And then I found out I already did these :P But this time I used different colors :)

As my base color I used Dance Baby from China Glaze's Electropop collection. A collection that I was not interested in at all. One day I was just like; what the heck? So I ordered it. I really don't have anything like it!

For the stamping I used China Glaze Emotion from the Romantic collection. I've been looking for a nice metallic pink, but this one isn't IT yet. I ordered Color Club Hot Like Lava and I hope that's an even nicer one!

The imageplate I used is m69 from Konad. I just love that zebra stamp, can't help it :P

One thing I wanted to know; I've had a message on my screen that my blog has malware on it or something and that it came from someone else's blog. Also when I just went to my dashboard the same message would pop up. If you still see that message coming on your screen please let me know on Twitter. But I hope it's fixed :)

xoxo Ingie

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