December 30, 2011

Nail Mail! #1

For my birthday my oldest brother gave me money, because he didn't know what to buy me and he didn't want to buy nail polish. So when I was on Twitter I saw that Enchantra (Dutch online shop) had a sale on Christmas stuff. Soon I ordered some polishes and they came in a HUGE box yesterday.

Sugar Plum and Ruby Deer

Tis The Season Ruby Deer giftbox. Usually € 11,95 and I got it for € 6,00! The two polishes were on sale on their own as well and we're now € 3,50 instead of € 5,95.

Phat Santa, Frosty, Mrs. Claus and Snow

Tis The Season Peppermint Kisses. 4 polishes in a see through candy cane. I wanted Mrs. Claus already, but it was unavailable, so I bought this candy cane. I needed a new white polish anyway and Phat Santa looks like such a gorgeous red! Usually € 22,95 but I bought it for € 11,50.

Victory Nails, Konad Ice Silver and Orly Blue Collar

I also ordered a giftbox with stuff they pick out, so it's a surprise what you'll get. The yellow polish is from Victory Nails or something and is never going to be used. I think I'm gonna throw that out. It smells like paint and there are weird chunky pieces in it...

There also came a baby Orly in it. I got 2 Orly's in this package and this was one of them. I don't have any Orly's yet, so I'm really happy that I got this baby.

They also gave me a little gift I guess. It wasn't in the small Christmas giftbox I ordered. It's a Konad regular polish called Ice Silver. It has OR holographic glitters in it or rainbow glitters. I have to take a closer look ;p

Orly Fowl Play

And my real first Orly polish! Fowl Play. It's so gorgeous! I haven't wore it yet, but I think I need to do a small change on my favorites of 2011... :P Talking about that. Number 2 and 1 will be both posted tomorrow.

xoxo Ingie