April 18, 2012

Abstract Nails

I guess they're not really that abstract, but I needed to name this post xD Not everything I show here is worn in real life too. Just because I didn't want to wear it to work I guess. Now I thought I should just do it! And I did.

I'm happy I wore it to work, because I got many compliments :) People asked me where I got it done (right here in my bedroom!) or how I did it or if they were stickers. So yeah, I'm happy and convinced I need to wear more things like this on my nails.

I think you might know how I did it, but if you don't follow me; 2 coats of Blushing Rose from Color Club. Then I sponged China Glaze Laced Up over it and on some places I sponged Blushing Rose over it. I applied a coat of Seché Vite and after that I used an image on Konad plate m57 to stamp on my nails. Topcoat it, and that's it! :)

And if this looks familiar to you, check these Valentine's nails :)

Thanks for reading :)

xoxo Ingie

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