April 29, 2012

Instagram Pictures #1

Hello! 5 minutes before this post I decided I wanted to do a weekly Instagram picture spam. Why? Because I want to ;p

This first one is made with my iPod Touch. I finally decided to get the iPhone 4S! :)

A manicure I did a few days ago. You can barely see the stamping, but it was still nice. I used an app called PicStitch to get more of those windows.

These 5 are hanging in the living room. My mom knows how much I love pictures (and pretty much everything with famous cities) so she bought these 5 for herself to hang in the living room... I was pretty mad, but I do love them. If you're Dutch and you're wondering where they're from; She got them at Action for a few euro's.

A creepy cloud! I love this picture. I've always been kinda fascinated by clouds. I can look at strange ones for such a long time. I'm just thinking; what if a tornado comes down? Not that it will happen here, but still. And do you see that little rainbow?

A short big haul ;p Yesterday I had a day off, but at work there was a good deal on all make up; buy 1 get 1 free. I don't know how those deals are in other countries, but here it is when you buy 2 products you get 50% off. Lots of Catrice nail polish, most for Polish Amor and 2 for my mom. And the mascara's, foundation and eyeliner are mine.

Lots of likes from 1 person :) Thank you!

I did a Queensday manicure today using these 3. I used another orange polish and a gold to stamp with. I will post it tomorrow :)

My lovely cat :) I have 3 cats, but this one always hangs out with me :)

Here she tried to sleep on the heater, because she got scared because I sprayed deodorant... This little one looks cute on pictures, but she can be really annoying. For example; she's sleeping for hours on my bed, I decided to go paint my nails, she hears my mom going to the kitchen and she wants to leave. That's where the deodorant, and everything else that makes a snake sound, comes in handy xD

And then the last one. This was made a little over an hour ago. I live on the 6th floor, so we have a nice view when the sun goes down.

I hope you liked this little spam ;p It's just a little part from my life. Not much yet, because I just got my phone. But I hope to photograph a lot more this week :)

Thanks for reading and hopefully you would like to follow me on Instagram :)

xoxo Ingie

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