March 19, 2012

Help Wanted!

First of all; I'm really sorry for not posting much. What a bad blogger am I... But, I need help with something.

2 Days ago I found out my comments have been gone for like 8 days. I think there was a combination of things that happened;
- Template I had (similar to ThePolishWell's template)
- Intense Debate comments

I uploaded my old template, but they were still gone. I tried via the Intense Debate site to uninstall, but my Intense Debate widget is gone too. I tried changing my comment settings on Blogger, but still no luck...

If there is anybody out there that could help me or knows who can help me; please contact me at

I really don't want to move my blog AGAIN! (or maybe I could go back to LimitedAddictionNails and change the name if that is possible ;p)

Thanks! :)

xoxo Ingie

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