September 21, 2012

Hello World!

Be prepared for a long, maybe not that interesting post. You may or may not have been wondering why there are no posts from me anymore. Well, it all started with a Mentos Mixed Fruit. I bought it, ate it and a tooth broke off. Smart as I was I didn't go to the dentist. It didn't hurt or anything. That was the stupidest thing I could do. Ever since I was little you could find me a lot at the dentist. It's a family condition that's really not my fault. Anyway, my tooth started to hurt and I had to have it pulled. About 2 months later I had to have another tooth pulled. It had the same problem, an infected filling.

Then it was the night of September 1st, a little before 4 am. I'm making it sound like I found out the world wasn't real and this is all a dream, but that's not it. I just went to bed when I felt the same pain as I did the other 2 times. Every time I felt this pain I was in denial, thinking it would be a cold coming up. This time I knew I should stop thinking that. On that Monday I went to the dentist and I got antibiotics. I still had to take a lot of Ibuprofen and/or Paracetamol. 2 weeks later I had to come back, last Monday, and I told him it didn't work and I still had to take other painkillers. He checked it and it all got worse. The root of that one tooth was severely infected and also a wisdom tooth was causing a lot of pain. They called the hospital that they had to remove those 2 ASAP. Wednesday was that day and it was kind of a bad experience, but I survived! :) I'm not blaming my dentist for all that happened, because he could just not see on the photo's how bad it was. It was all spreading really fast :( But I think I can finally say that after about 4 months I'm really PAIN FREE! :D Those past 4 months were kind of depressing I would say and I do feel much better now.

Obviously I neglected my blog so much, but I just couldn't do it. One problem I have had for a while now is that when I go to my blog, I can not see my followers. It says "We're sorry... This gadget is configured incorrectly. Webmaster hint: Please ensure that "Friend Connect Settings - Home URL" matches the URL of this site." I still haven't figured out how to fix this. I've tried a lot of things I found Googling, but nothing works and it's really frustrating! A few months ago I asked on Twitter if others saw that message too on my blog, but they didn't. Now I was looking on my blog on another account, and then I still see that message. I don't want to give up, but I'm telling you I did made another blog, kinda? :P Just a name and that's it. I hope somebody can help me out :) Oh, also IntenseDebate never worked for me anymore. But that happened a long time ago and I still want it back! xD

Anyway, if you made it through this long, long, long story I'm telling you now that I'll show you some pics from my Instagram from the times where I did do my nails (because I've been neglecting them for a really long time!) Plus a picture of my ombre hair, cause I'm kinda proud of it for some reason ;p

Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Ingie

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